Saturday, May 3, 2008

Journal Writing - the Topical Way

Journal writing is a "BEST" experience for writers at all levels of publication. Many writers say they just don't get into the journal writing.

Find a way to make a journal experience that works for you. Let it appeal to your interests, fit into your lifestyle and add to your bank of material to use for writing projects.

I am keeping some journals by topic at this time. It helps me stay focused on my larger writing projects. I try to write for ten minutes a day on the topic. You can do this with just one topic, or in my case I have three right now.

I also surf around on my topic and print out relevant material. I sometimes copy short quotes and use that as a starting thought for my journal entry. I reflect on the idea and at the bottom I make note of questions I have for further research and/or consideration.

Try topical journal writing for one month and then let us know about your experience. You won't believe how much you have written!

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