Friday, July 24, 2009

Journal Writing Day by Day

Think of taking a few minutes each day to reflect.

Write your thoughts in a journal or use an online forum like a BLOG if you are willing to share as you write.

Express yourself in an open way and try not to judge or edit. The important task is to write and consider the meaning of the day as you live it.

Consider some of the famous diaries that we read - The Diary of Anne Frank is one of the best known.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Journals - Spiritual Journey Writing

The journey of a soul begins with a single word.

Discover the value of keeping a journal that reflects some aspect of your spiritual development. This journal technique could include reflections on scriptures, Bible study and/or spiritual reading of any type.

It is also interesting to chronicle answered prayers, special blessings or other specific experiences that add to your spiritual growth.

The content of your spiritual journal could also become excellent source material for writing short articles and devotionals for publication.

For more tips on writing a devotional, check out the May 2008 Writer's Coach Corner in the Next-Step-of-Faith Newsletter.

Add your own tips on keeping a spiritual journal as comments to this blog.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Journal Writing - the Topical Way

Journal writing is a "BEST" experience for writers at all levels of publication. Many writers say they just don't get into the journal writing.

Find a way to make a journal experience that works for you. Let it appeal to your interests, fit into your lifestyle and add to your bank of material to use for writing projects.

I am keeping some journals by topic at this time. It helps me stay focused on my larger writing projects. I try to write for ten minutes a day on the topic. You can do this with just one topic, or in my case I have three right now.

I also surf around on my topic and print out relevant material. I sometimes copy short quotes and use that as a starting thought for my journal entry. I reflect on the idea and at the bottom I make note of questions I have for further research and/or consideration.

Try topical journal writing for one month and then let us know about your experience. You won't believe how much you have written!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Journal Writing

I encourage writers to find a way to keep a journal. There are many ways to journal. Find a way that works for you and begin writing.

A BLOG (web log) is a type of journal. In subsequent posts, I will write about some of the ways people create a writing place for reflecting.

Share your experiences and ideas about journal writing. Answer the poll question and let us know if you keep a journal.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Write Coaching Blog Birth

Coaching writers is exciting.

This blog is a new way to encourage writers to set goals, write and publish regularly.

I will also post links and book ideas to keep you reading and learning about writing.

It might be helpful for you to read the columns I have written for Christian Writers on the Next-Step-of-Faith website.

Come to this blog often!